5 Easiest Jobs in the World

Are you having a hard time with your job? Don’t you wish it were easier? There are actually jobs out there that are surprisingly very easy that they say that even monkeys can do it (albeit very intelligent monkeys). Of course, the pay for these jobs cannot compare to those of a doctor or lawyer, but the relative ease of the tasks will make you want to wish you had these jobs. So let’s find out some of the easiest jobs that are out there:

1.     Pro Sleeper

Pro Sleeper

As the name suggests, this job asks you to sleep on the job. Sounds too good to be true? Well there are several travel review sites that pay people to sleep in hotels and resorts just to find out how their snoozing went while checked in. Pillow and mattress manufacturers also hire ‘testers’ to test the products (meaning to sleep on them). And the pay is nothing to sleep on as they earn up to $1,500 a month.

2.       Chocolate Eater

Chocolate Eater

Do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come to mind? The chocolate eater’s job is to taste the chocolate and test for quality. Mind you, this is still hard work—having to chew on hundreds of chocolate flavors in search of the ultimate sweet treat. Chocolate testers earn as much as $24,000 a year (or even more if you’re a super taster).

3.     Mansion Sitter

Mansion Sitter

Have you ever wanted to live luxuriously in a Mansion even though you’re not a millionaire? All you have to do is to become a Mansion Sitter. Millionaires and Billionaires who own several properties can’t live in all of them at once. They need someone to live in their mansions and these sitters just need to do a few things for them. The expert mansion sitters can even command a rate of $200 a week just by living in a mansion (with room and board).

4.      Professional Know-it-All

Professional Know it All

Do you possess volumes of useless information? Do you have skills that no one seems to be in need of for now? Well turn these information and skills into a money making business by making DIY videos of them and share online. Just imagine, the guy who uploaded the ‘how to tie your tie’ video in YouTube raked in more than $1,000 just for the effort alone.

5.     Resort Consultant

Resort Consultant

The hardest part of this job is to come up with constructive criticism (especially when there is none). The resort consultant is hired by resorts to stay in their property and enjoy all the amenities and facilities. After staying free of charge, the consultant will then drum up a list of things for the resort to improve on. The best part is that they can bill the resort $1,200 for the engagement.

The question now is ‘how do we apply for these jobs?’ These jobs are super easy and do not require a lot of manual labor. Some may need some expertise but all you need for most is a good head on top of your shoulders.

With this list, did we miss out any of what you consider an easiest job to do?