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Homeopathic Remedies for Pneumonia

Pneumonia occurs when there is inflammation of the lung, and is classified as a respiratory condition. Pneumonia symptoms often include a cough, fever, chills and shortness of breath. Other common symptoms often include excessive sweating, lack of appetite, fatigue, headaches and pain in the chest, which tends to worsen when breathing or coughing. Homeopathic remedies can be used to help with the symptoms of pneumonia. Homeopathic remedies work best when used along with any medical treatments that are necessary for pneumonia.

Kali Muriaticum and Phosphorous for Pneumonia

Kali muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those with pneumonia that have white expectoration. This homeopathic treatment should only be taken by those that have a tongue that is coated in a white substance. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment often have a yellow expectoration that soon follows the white expectoration.

Phosphorous works well for those with pneumonia that have bronchitis like symptoms. This homeopathic treatment works best for those that have pain in the sternum that occurs when they cough, as well as a pressure like pain that affects the chest. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment often have labored breathing and have small traces of blood in their mucus when they cough.

Bryonia and Sanguinara for Pneumonia

Bryonia is a homeopathic remedy that works well for those with pneumonia that have a high fever and have skin that feels warm. This homeopathic treatment should only be taken by those that do not have a hard cough, or those that feel restless. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment often have a stitching like pain when they cough and also have a reddened face, with the cheeks being the most commonly affected.

Sanguinaria can help those with pneumonia that have a fever as well as a burning or pressure like pain that affect the upper chest. This homeopathic treatment works best for those with a dry cough, as well as sticking like pain that affects the right side of the body. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment often have difficulty breathing and have feet that either feel very cold or very hot.

Pneumonia can be a very serious medical condition that is sometimes fatal. Medical attention should always be sought by those that think they may have pneumonia, and homeopathic remedies should only be used after being diagnosed with pneumonia. Although homeopathic remedies can be beneficial to those with pneumonia, they should not be used to replace any necessary conventional treatment.

Justin Bieber’s Hair Changes from Innocent to Bad Ass

Being placed on the spotlight at a young age, we have all witnessed Justin Bieber’s transformation in many ways. This includes the Justine Bieber’s hair changes through the years. From a young pop star, he has gone for a bad boy image, but his strong base of support never left him. He may never be back to the innocent Biebs we all loved, but we can all look forward to the riskier hairstyles he will try in the future.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Justin was just 15 when he donned this hairstyle. He looked so innocent at this stage, but was superbly talented. Hence, it took no time before he reached stardom.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

In 2011, while he was at the peak of his career, he looked noticeably younger with this more textured cut, showing his hazel brown eyes.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

In 2012, for the first time, he donned a hairstyle that doesn’t cover his face. This major leap somewhat transformed him into the pop star that he is now.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

He swooned a lot of ladies with this well-combed copper hair in early 2014. It was also one of those moments when fans realize he was no longer the young Biebs they used to love.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

This long slicked-back hairdo didn’t really do justice to his face, but it was one of his most daring looks he ever tried.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Since growing his hair in 2015, he kept trying riskier hairstyles, and this was one of the most confusing hairstyles he has ever tried.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

This voluminous style in late 2015 was probably one of the best hairstyles he has tried since growing his hair out.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Just like many other stars, Biebs also tried donning the trendy man bun. Well, this hairstyle doesn’t really suit everyone.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Just before shaving his hair off, Bieber also tried this beach blonde style, making him more like a rapper than a pop singing sensation.

Justin Bieber’s Hair

Finally, after a long time of donning a long hair, he finally shaved his hair off and went back to this younger, more innocent look.

Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery: A Tale of Evolution

Megan Denise Fox has been in the television industry since 2001 playing bit roles in TV series. It was in 2007 when she starred in her breakout role in Transformers that people really stood up in their seats to take notice of her beauty. In 2009, every magazine in America has her beautiful face on their covers. This will make you think if Megan Fox before & after surgery pictures are real.
Megan Fox Before and After

She was only 18 when she graced the silver screen in 2001. In year 2017, you’ll see significant changes on her face and that isn’t just the effect of aging.

Megan Fox Before and After

Megan now has a firmer jawline and blemish free skin. Her lips are much fuller and her eyelids more alluring.

Megan Fox Before and After

In a matter of 10 years, Megan the momshell has changed so many aspects of her looks that earned her a rank as one of the modern female sex symbols.
Megan Fox Before and After

Judging from what you see in Megan Fox’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, the procedures just made her looks even better.
Megan Fox Before and After

If you compare her before and after pictures, she did not have high cheekbones like she does right now. She probably used botox to enhance her cheekbones.
Megan Fox Before and After

Megan is also popular for her luscious lips. Her secret to having kissable lips is to have them injected with collagen.

Megan Fox Before and After

Even the change in her breast size is noticeable. After a few years when the picture on the left was taken, she suddenly had bigger breasts and a deeper cleavage.

Megan Fox Before and After

There was a time every magazine had her picture on their pages that a man-blog Asylum declared August 4, 2009 “A Day Without Megan Fox”. It was their way of banning her from further exposure.
Megan Fox Before and After

But who would not want to stare at such a beautiful face even if you know it’s surgically enhanced? She certainly looks smashing even if she did had plastic surgery.
Megan Fox Before and After

So here’s a salute to a woman whose strength is in her confidence. Even after having 3 kids and several surgeries, she still exudes her striking beauty.

Interesting Facts about Puerto Rico – What can you do in Puerto Rico?

If you are planning to include Puerto Rico in your itinerary this year, there are so many things that you should learn about this tourist destination found in the United States.  There are many interesting facts about Puerto Rico that should be checked by those interested.

Puerto Rico has built a name for itself because of the beautiful beaches it features. Having such goes with a massive amount of perks. What are these?

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What to expect in Puerto Rico?

First of all, if you are in Puerto Rico, you will be allowed to go around without bringing your passport around. Meaning, you don’t have to bring the said passport anywhere.   However, tourists have to keep in mind that they have their valid identification card with them.

For young people who love drinking, there is an allowable age too. The minimum and legal one is 18. This is where college students may enjoy their vacation in the place. For pocket money, the one brought should be U.S dollar. This will making shopping even way easier.

Basic facts

Puerto Rico is geographically located at the northeastern of the Caribbean Sea. This may also be in the eastern of Dominican Republic. In the western, it shares the vicinity in the United States Virgin Islands and British. Ever since, large islands comprise the place. There are so many inhabitants seen in these islands. Apart from this, also smaller islands are also in Puerto Rico.

The country is with a 3.6 million. Its capital city is San Juan. This city is considered to be a home for almost 400,000 people. There are two languages that it speaks. First is English, and second is Spanish. Looking at this, it can be concluded that the country is of bilingual language. There is no official language declared yet. As on their constitution, all of their citizens are given the free will to go for the religion that their heart and conscience desire. They are supported to believe what they want to believe in. As per observation, the main religion in there is Catholicism. Majority also follow Protentantism.

What tourists would like

Tourists who are about to go to the place would love the spicy and tasty food Puerto Rico offers. This is a combination of America, Spanish, African and British inspirations. Visitors will have to learn about the culture of the place. Remember that people there are well-mannered. Kissing someone on the cheek is very much common. This is a way for them to be greeted. As for a conversation, standing very close to a person when talking is also common.

Puerto Ricans have many words. Building names are utilized this way. The same is also true for food products and household items. These come from Taino Indians, who were Puerto Rico. This transpired prior to the founding of an island by Christopher Columbus.

There are many beautiful women in Puerto Rico. As a matter of fact, there are many pageant winners who were from the said country. Almost five of them won the Miss Universe title. It competes separately from that of the US.

Neon Element Facts – What you need to know about this gas

Neon is an element which is very much present in Las Vegas. It is considered that gas that makes the said place shine. It is even dubbed noble for that matter. Neon, as many student know is found in the right column of the Periodic Table. It is one of the six elements situated there. All of these are inert in nature. Well, they are described that way because these noble gases do not react willingly. This takes place since the outermost shell enveloping the electrons are full. This why the gases are not given any incentive to have the electrons swapped with that of other kinds of elements. As an aftermath to this, there are compounds which are perceived as noble gases.

More about the noble gas

There are still many neon element facts that have to be discovered by many. However, if there are basics that have to be learned, it would definitely boil down to its name. Its name was obtained from “neos.” This was a Greek word which means new. In the year 1898, the gas was isolated initially by the partnership of chemists named Morris Travers and William Ramsay. They became really busy in the discovery of the said noble gases. They did this left and right. This was the time when the noticed that liquefied air evaporated.

contentItem-4297243-28364070-u1akwn79m1lmi-or.png (984×350)

They began with liquid argon. This evaporated too. This was then dubbed as krypton. This suited the niche just at the bottom of the Periodic Table.

Neon is usually found in most neon signs. They actually come with a history which is really century-long. Primarily, French engineer Georges Claude developed the idea in 1902. It was found out that neon lights have the capacity to create light whenever electricity is applied to them. This was performed with a sealed glass tube. Argon on the other hand produces blue light. Neon is a clear orange-red. This is very much familiar to a lot of neon signs around.

The way neon works

Neon works with argon. The electrons seen at every end of a glass tube would have to be filled with the gas of the said elements. They will be connected afterwards with an alternating current. There will be a change for every electron. This is going to occur for fifty times for every second. This can be witnessed on the sealed tube. Negative charges are needed in this process. This is the method for them to be drawn for a positively charged electron. During the whole process, the electrons will be crashing in the argon or neon molecule. This will knock the electrons lose.

Whenever the electrons are lost, gas molecules will be charged positively. The molecules will eventually go back to their original, neutral state. As this occurs, electrons are grabbed. They will they start to illuminate and give light. They will be visible and they will glow. That is how a neon sign is achieved.

My Son and Asperger’s

A mother is finding out that her son has Asperger’s Syndrome and what that means.

When my son was an infant I knew something was different about him. He had trouble sleeping, didn’t self-sooth and seemed to love baby puzzles over people. As he got older he played with toy cars by lining them up color coded in long lines across the living room. When we walked through parking lots, he had to count every car we passed and say the color. Odd things would set off a huge reaction with him: bright lights, sudden noises or being touched without prior consent from him. He would only eat certain foods and change was never an option with him.

When he turned 5 it was time to get him into the school system, which we had been preparing him for the year before. For years, every call from the school or conferences were dreaded. My son would growl and try to bite other children if they wanted to play with a toy he thought was his. He kicked, screamed and cried everyday. The schools sent social workers our way to see if this behavior was because of some issue at home and then he was sent to counselors and neuropsychologists. He was smart, very smart, the only diagnosis we were given was ADD.


My son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s disorder was a blessing for our family. After years of not knowing what to do next, we had vast resources available to our son and to us. Today my son is getting good grades, making friends and has less meltdowns. He is happier than he’s been in years and my husband and I are able to relax and enjoy parenting much more. Below are things to look for with a child with Asperger’s.

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is very common with children with Asperger’s. Fluorescent lights are very prone to set off a reaction because of the constant hum that they produce and the light they emit. If your child’s school has a lot of these lights, ask them if your child could take tests or have a study room without them in it.

Sound Sensitivity

Loud, unexpected noises that most people just deal with like ambulances, smoke alarms and dogs barking, can trigger a meltdown. While all of these noises cannot be avoided, you can talk to your child and develop a plan to deal with them when it is an issue.

Touch Sensitivity

When picking out clothes for your child with Asperger’s, natural is always better. If your child complains about not liking a certain piece of clothing because it hurts, it really does hurt him. A child with Asperger’s is very sensitive to outside stimulation and it often causes physical pain. Listen to your child and work with him.

Keep a Routine

This is one of the most important tools to help your child. Control of the world around him is a must for a child with Asperger’s and knowing what’s coming next puts these children at ease. Keeping to a schedule also helps you as a parent. Since everything has a time and place, you will notice peace in your home and life.

5 Easiest Jobs in the World

Are you having a hard time with your job? Don’t you wish it were easier? There are actually jobs out there that are surprisingly very easy that they say that even monkeys can do it (albeit very intelligent monkeys). Of course, the pay for these jobs cannot compare to those of a doctor or lawyer, but the relative ease of the tasks will make you want to wish you had these jobs. So let’s find out some of the easiest jobs that are out there:

1.     Pro Sleeper

Pro Sleeper

As the name suggests, this job asks you to sleep on the job. Sounds too good to be true? Well there are several travel review sites that pay people to sleep in hotels and resorts just to find out how their snoozing went while checked in. Pillow and mattress manufacturers also hire ‘testers’ to test the products (meaning to sleep on them). And the pay is nothing to sleep on as they earn up to $1,500 a month.

2.       Chocolate Eater

Chocolate Eater

Do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come to mind? The chocolate eater’s job is to taste the chocolate and test for quality. Mind you, this is still hard work—having to chew on hundreds of chocolate flavors in search of the ultimate sweet treat. Chocolate testers earn as much as $24,000 a year (or even more if you’re a super taster).

3.     Mansion Sitter

Mansion Sitter

Have you ever wanted to live luxuriously in a Mansion even though you’re not a millionaire? All you have to do is to become a Mansion Sitter. Millionaires and Billionaires who own several properties can’t live in all of them at once. They need someone to live in their mansions and these sitters just need to do a few things for them. The expert mansion sitters can even command a rate of $200 a week just by living in a mansion (with room and board).

4.      Professional Know-it-All

Professional Know it All

Do you possess volumes of useless information? Do you have skills that no one seems to be in need of for now? Well turn these information and skills into a money making business by making DIY videos of them and share online. Just imagine, the guy who uploaded the ‘how to tie your tie’ video in YouTube raked in more than $1,000 just for the effort alone.

5.     Resort Consultant

Resort Consultant

The hardest part of this job is to come up with constructive criticism (especially when there is none). The resort consultant is hired by resorts to stay in their property and enjoy all the amenities and facilities. After staying free of charge, the consultant will then drum up a list of things for the resort to improve on. The best part is that they can bill the resort $1,200 for the engagement.

The question now is ‘how do we apply for these jobs?’ These jobs are super easy and do not require a lot of manual labor. Some may need some expertise but all you need for most is a good head on top of your shoulders.

With this list, did we miss out any of what you consider an easiest job to do?