Interesting Facts about Puerto Rico – What can you do in Puerto Rico?

If you are planning to include Puerto Rico in your itinerary this year, there are so many things that you should learn about this tourist destination found in the United States.  There are many interesting facts about Puerto Rico that should be checked by those interested.

Puerto Rico has built a name for itself because of the beautiful beaches it features. Having such goes with a massive amount of perks. What are these?

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What to expect in Puerto Rico?

First of all, if you are in Puerto Rico, you will be allowed to go around without bringing your passport around. Meaning, you don’t have to bring the said passport anywhere.   However, tourists have to keep in mind that they have their valid identification card with them.

For young people who love drinking, there is an allowable age too. The minimum and legal one is 18. This is where college students may enjoy their vacation in the place. For pocket money, the one brought should be U.S dollar. This will making shopping even way easier.

Basic facts

Puerto Rico is geographically located at the northeastern of the Caribbean Sea. This may also be in the eastern of Dominican Republic. In the western, it shares the vicinity in the United States Virgin Islands and British. Ever since, large islands comprise the place. There are so many inhabitants seen in these islands. Apart from this, also smaller islands are also in Puerto Rico.

The country is with a 3.6 million. Its capital city is San Juan. This city is considered to be a home for almost 400,000 people. There are two languages that it speaks. First is English, and second is Spanish. Looking at this, it can be concluded that the country is of bilingual language. There is no official language declared yet. As on their constitution, all of their citizens are given the free will to go for the religion that their heart and conscience desire. They are supported to believe what they want to believe in. As per observation, the main religion in there is Catholicism. Majority also follow Protentantism.

What tourists would like

Tourists who are about to go to the place would love the spicy and tasty food Puerto Rico offers. This is a combination of America, Spanish, African and British inspirations. Visitors will have to learn about the culture of the place. Remember that people there are well-mannered. Kissing someone on the cheek is very much common. This is a way for them to be greeted. As for a conversation, standing very close to a person when talking is also common.

Puerto Ricans have many words. Building names are utilized this way. The same is also true for food products and household items. These come from Taino Indians, who were Puerto Rico. This transpired prior to the founding of an island by Christopher Columbus.

There are many beautiful women in Puerto Rico. As a matter of fact, there are many pageant winners who were from the said country. Almost five of them won the Miss Universe title. It competes separately from that of the US.